Global Bio-Chemical Homoeo and Holistic Medical College, located in District Sabarkantha, Himatnagar is an autonomous body educational institution in the state of Gujarat established by statutory law. and the Global Medical College, for Higher Education is a collaboration Institution with MOU Capital University. It is a recognized Institution registered by the The Government of Gujarat under SR Act-1860,working since the Year 2016 in the field of the Paramedical, Physiotherapy, CME Medical Programm, Primary Health Education, Yoga & Naturopathy Teaching and Training and Medical research.


Para-Medical Courses

Bachelor Courses, Diploma Courses, Certificate Courses, P.G. Diploma Courses and Master Courses.

Yoga & Naturopathy Courses

Bachelor Courses, Diploma Courses, P.G. Diploma Courses and Master Courses.

CME Specialist PG Certificate Program

Certificate Courses and Diploma PG Course.

Primary Healthcare Courses

Diploma in Community – Medical Services, Health Workers, Rural Health Care, Health, Master Medical Services.

Dentistry Health Courses

Diploma in Dental Hygienist, Detal Mechanics, Denal Technician, Paramedical, Dentistry, Dental Technology.

Management Courses

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Hospital & Turism Management(MBA).

Physiotherapy Courses

Diploma in Physiotherapy, Bachelor of  Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy and
Physiotherapy, Doctor of Philosophy.

Emergency Medical Services Courses

Diploma in Emergency Medical Services, First-AID & Medical Services and Emegency Medical Technician PG.Diploma in Emergency Medical Services, Master Diploma in Emergency Medical Services

Acupressure Courses

Diploma in Acupressure, Bachelor in Acupressure & Yogic Science, Advance Certificate in Medical Acupuncture, Bachelor in Acupuncture, Doctor in Acupuncture.

Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education, Dietetics, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, MSc in Clinical Nutrition and PG Diploma in Dietetics.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Courses

Certificate  in Panchakarma, Diploma in Panchakarma Technician and PG Diploma in Panchakarma Therapy.

Hospital Management Courses

Diploma in Hospital Management, Hospital Management (BBA), Master of Business Administration(MBA) and PG. Diploma in Hospital Management.