The aims of our Institute is to provide Education for all. The mission of the NGO’S Board is to achieve all round development and growth for the masses through education. Our main target is self employed working professional students who cannot complete their studies due to economic strains or other domestic reasons.

The NGO’S Board/Council trustees/members has the constitutional right under Article 19 (1) (G) to pursue any profession or any occupation and running teaching institutes have been included as part of occupation as held by Hon’ble Supreme Court in T.M.A. Pai Foundation Vs. State of Karnataka (SC) 2003 (2) SCT 385. The relevant portion of the above said Judgment is reproduced as under:-

” Private Education is one of the most Dynamic and fastest growing Segments of post-Secondary Education at the turn of the twenty twenty “first century. A Combination of unprecedented demand for access to higher education and the inability or unwillingness of government to provide the necessary Support has brought private Higher Education to the forefront. Private Institutions with a long history in many countries, are expanding in scope and number, and are becoming increasingly important in parts of the world that relied almost entirely on the Public Sector.

Not only has demand overwhelmed the ability of the Governments to provide Education, there has also been a significant change in the way that Higher Education is perceived. The idea of an Academic Degree as a private object, that benefits the individual rather than a public good for society is now widely (sic). The logic of today’s economics and an ideology of privatization have contributed to the resurgence of private Higher Education, and the establishing of private Institutions where none or very few existed before.