The National Rural Medical Association (NRMA) has been Established ,under by the Global Bio-Chemic Homeo & Holistic Medical College Statutory Provision Act. And NRMA Association is a leading Organized in the field of Primary Healthcare Services, which is working in the Teaching and Training of Primary Healthcare in the Country. It is Conducting to the Diploma course for 3.5 Year Duration, Diploma in Community Medical Services, on a Regular Basis in all the States of the India.


Therefore, our NRMA Association is not to promote quack Doctors, but we have to stopping those quack Doctors from promoting them. And our only main objective are will to Supporting of the Government Health Campaign of the Health & Family Welfare.

World Health Organization (W.H.O) ,UNICEF and  Declaration of ALMA ATA AD-2000, international Convention for the Provide of Primary Healthcare Services, meeting on the 12th day of September, in the nineteen seventies, and seventies expressing the need for urgent action to protect all Government, all Health and Development workers, and the World Community, and to promote the Health of all peoples of the world, a Special Priority has given to the provision of Primary Healthcare Services.

The only objective of  NRMA this is to make Primary Healthcare Services available to all under the Guidelines of W.H.O ,while the fact that Healthcare System are how much strong in our country cannot be denied. Apart from the this ,there is a huge shortage of MBBS Doctors according to the population census of our country, due to which everyone is not getting Healthcare services at the normal level. And our The CMS Primary Healthcare Providers is committed to provide primary healthcare at the lowest cost to the People below the poverty line, and this is the sole, also objective of our NRMA Association.