NATIONAL Educational Policy 1986 in the Implementation of Vocational Education (NEP 1986)

Global Bio-Chemic Homoeo & Holistic Medical College Organization Providing Yoga and Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Mangnet therapy, Emergency Medical Services(EMS) & Emergancy Medical Technician (EMT) Para Medical, Allied Health Education.

Global Bio-Chemic Homoeo & Holistic Medical College is an Autonomous body, it doesn’t under the Purview of UGC/AICTE/AIU/DEC, Acts.

Global Bio-Chemic Homoeo & Holistic Medical College and the nomenclatures, Prescribed by University Grants Commission, Government of India for various Programs, designed by its. Academic Board.

The Term” Autonomous Body” Denotes a Self Governing Body, Independent, or subject to its laws, regulated by either company law on Registered Society/Trusts, as the case may be. And so, Its own Board of Directors can specify the rules of business for the body/Institution. And that since it is an autonomous body, administration own which is not controlled by any other authority including any State Government/Union Government of India (U.G.I.).

Global Bio-Chemic Homoeo & Holistic Medical College is Registered under Government of India Act-1860.

As per the circular of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India New Delhi Notification No. 26/4/52 c.c.dated on 20/09/1952 issued in a consultation with the Union Public Service Commission that in case of Degree/Diploma awarded by Board/University in India which are incorporated by an Act of Central/State Legislature in India. No formal order recognition such Degree/Diploma need be issued by Govt. Such Degree should be recognized Automatically for the purpose of Employment.

Global Bio-Chemic Homoeo & Holistic Medical College offers its own Programs in the filed of yoga and Naturopathy and Community Health Workers in India, as such all its Programs are meant for providing good Community health workers and Yoga Instructors/Teachers.